Zephyral is a Soul Bubble who guards Crysta Tower.


She is very serious, and her calm demeanor adds to her seriousness. However, she has developed a slight crush on Boo Yoshi, the ghost of a Yoshi who resides in the tower.


She is able to do what a normal Soul Bubble does. Along with those normal abilities, she can create powerful force fields.


She originated from Star Haven, a place where wishes came true in the best ways possible. However, during a meteor shower, a stray meteor downed her house. After a futile attempt to get it back up, the house was completely obliterated, and she wandered the Mushroom Kingdom. Soon, she came upon Crysta Tower, found the Crystal Star, and took it upon herself to reside there to watch the tower.

Fun FactsEdit

-She is very serious, but has managed to loosen up a little.

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