Yoshio is a 'Mario' obsessed fanboy who helped Mario and Co. on their adventure to defeat Bowser and recover the Dream Crystal shards. He lives in Yoshi's Island. Yoshio is good friends with Mario, Wings and Toadce.


Yoshio is outgoing and friendly, but can be a bit too talkative sometimes, talking about his idol, Mario. He keeps many items that are 'Mario' themed.


Yoshio can Flutter Jump like any normal type of Yoshi. He can eat anything, and use most of the power-ups that Mario and Luigi use on their adventures.


-Coming Soon!-

Fun FactsEdit

-Yoshio keeps random items in his 'Mario' backpack, including silly things like a bowl of pasta.-

- He, along with Wings, has a crush on Princess Rosalina.-

- Even though Mario is his idol, he hates how Luigi always stays in Mario's shadow.-

- He is 13 years old.-

- Yoshi apparently knows him, by calling him an "obsessive fanboy" before his actual intro in 'To Escape Bowser's Wrath'.-

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