Paratroopa NSMB2

Clueless Wings

Wings is a red-shelled Paratroopa that lives in the Mushroom Kingdom, in Koopa Village. He had a brother named Spike, but he was "Game-Overed" by Bowser. He is known for doing good deeds and helping people in need. He was once best friends with Endgame, and they used to go on random adventures all the time, before Endgame joined the Koopa Troop. Ironically, Wings cannot fly, due to his weak wings. He can only hover for about 5 seconds, before his wings cramp up.


Wings is extremely shy, yet smart, loyal, kind, helpful and generous. His rival is Endgame, and wishes to get him to join the good side again, but to no avail.


Wings can wall-jump, which is something very complicated to do. His magical necklace that Princess Rosalina created for him, gives him the ability to shoot powerful blasts from his hands and eyes. He can also create strong forcefields that can withstand many attacks and projectiles. As for physical attacks, he can tuck into his shell and slide on any surface, and can also break Brick Blocks. Wings is currently trying to learn magical attacks from Rosalina, so that he can defeat Endgame one day.


Wings lives in Koopa Village, and all of the residents know him, because of all of the good deeds he does around the village. Rosalina gave Wings' uncle his necklace, which was to be given to Wings. Bowser tried to persuade him to join the Koopa Troop, but he refused. He is good friends with Toadce and Rainbow Yoshi, and they go on crazy adventures.

Fun FactsEdit

- Wings keeps a LOT of healing items in his shell, just in case of emergencies. -

- He has tried to enter Bowser's Territories to try and get Endgame back on the good side. -

- Rosalina telepathically sends Wings vague signs and images, but he doesn't know she sends them. -

- Wings is 13 years old.-