Hello all. This is what you all been waiting for! The season TWO premiere of Mirriois's story!

  • Mirriois Preview Starts now*

Narrator: Five months since the battle of Master Bill has passed, And this saturday, starts a new adventure.

Rosalina: Mirriois, This Guy has too much power, you need to get the power of the Elements to help you.

Shale: Elements? Thats Intense!

  • Other preview*
  • looks into the dark space full of stars*

???: I lost everything...and I'm gonna restore my honor

  • End of preview*
  • Last preview*
  • Looks at "???"*

Mirriois: Your not getting away with this!

???: Mirriois, you cannot defeat me on your own, now prepare for the ultimate tool.

  • Shined Very bright*

Mirriois: AAAH!!

???: Mwahaha!

  • End of last preview*
Now, You saw a preview(s) Now be ready for the season two to start saturday!
Super Mirriois

Super Mirriois

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