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  • I live in A house
  • I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is Drawing, music, and memery
  • I am TotallyHypnoSquid
  • TheShaymin

    Hey guys, it's me, totallyhypnosquid.

    Wow it's been a while since I've seen this wiki, it holds so many good memories and times we had with each other. This isn't neccarily a "let's revive it" post but I do want to catch up with all of you, whether it be on wikia, steam, etc.

    So, how've you all been? :)

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  • TheShaymin


    September 9, 2013 by TheShaymin

    Does anyone have any Kid Icarus or Pikmin OCs I may use? If you do please let me know! |!¤*'~``~'*¤!|ø\\ ț¤țåȽȽÿȟÿקñ¤§ǭɥȋď <(o-o<) KIRBY LOVES POKEMON!| (talk) 01:39, September 9, 2013 (UTC)Totallyhypnosquid "My favorite wiki is here!"

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  • TheShaymin

    Reunion! :D

    July 31, 2013 by TheShaymin

    Hai guise, I've been wondering why I miss this wiki so much, I miss everyone on it! Well, this Sunday at 1PM EDT, I'll be here, I hope to see our Admins, and Crats, Boos, Chip, and Blue, I know you're reading this. I'd be very happy to see you all in one place again, anyone else who was here is also welcome.

    Also, I'd like to say, I'm going to give Shale the Shy Guy, a Backstory!

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  • TheShaymin

    Guys so you may have noticed I haven't made any chapters for Mirriois' Story, well, that's because of the animation I plan to do, but what I didn't know, is how much a program would cost.. ^.^, So until I'm able to buy and learn a program, I'll either continue Mirriois' Story, or make a new Story with new characters, I'm definitely not forgetting about Mirriois' Story though, I'll finish this season soon enough. What do you want me to do? Continue the story then make a new one? Or make a new one then finish season 2? I'll make my decision once every mod here gives an answer.

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  • TheShaymin

    Hello all. This is what you all been waiting for! The season TWO premiere of Mirriois's story!

    • Mirriois Preview Starts now*

    Narrator: Five months since the battle of Master Bill has passed, And this saturday, starts a new adventure.

    Rosalina: Mirriois, This Guy has too much power, you need to get the power of the Elements to help you.

    Shale: Elements? Thats Intense!

    • Other preview*
    • looks into the dark space full of stars*

    ???: I lost everything...and I'm gonna restore my honor

    • End of preview*
    • Last preview*
    • Looks at "???"*

    Mirriois: Your not getting away with this!

    ???: Mirriois, you cannot defeat me on your own, now prepare for the ultimate tool.

    • Shined Very bright*

    Mirriois: AAAH!!

    ???: Mwahaha!

    • End of last preview*

    Now, You saw a preview(s) Now be ready …

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