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  • SuperShyGuy1011

    -Paratroopa flies up to the reader-

    Paratroopa: Hi there! As you all know, i'm OBVIOUSLY Paratroopa. I'm here for the new "Ask Paratroopa" Blog created by SuperShyGuy1011! all know what to do, Ask away!

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  • SuperShyGuy1011

    Hi-ya guys, SuperShyGuy1011 here typing up this blog post to tell you guys that I'm making a new FanFiction story Super Mario:The Dream Crystal.I need some people to represent some characters for the story!

    Here's a list of characters that are needed: Kamek

    Princess Peach
    Princess Rosalina
    Spor T. (Random Toad character I made up)

    That's all for now guys! Tune in for updates to see who got what part!

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