Yoshi: Hey, everyone! Welcome to the third newscast!

Paratroopa: Finally, you get it right, sheesh!

Boo: Sorry for the lateness, we were kinda busy with our adventures...


Bowser: Hey, get back here with my house!

Yoshi: Para, run faster!

-End Flashback-

Boo: ...Okay, let's move on!


Paratroopa: Okay, which triumvirate made Bowser's house shuffle?! It's unnatural! (Yoshi: I got a really long list!)

The poll was created at 21:04 on September 15, 2012, and so far 5 people voted.

Paratroopa: Yoshi! That's a long list of people!

Yoshi: Yeah, I know. Did it help, though?

Boo: Let's ask the viewers. Maybe it might help them. And frankly, it's not that long.

Yoshi: Are you sure? It looks pretty long to me...

Paratroopa: Yeah, I doubt it.


Yoshi: Good news, we're gonna start drawing pictures of our adventures!

Boo: We'll also be doing pictures for others as well.

Yoshi: So basically; if you got a request, we'll do it!

Paratroopa: Um, if you do request from us, please keep it at reasonable amounts, I remember when we did more than we could take, and that didn't end so well...


Yoshi: Oh gosh, where's the paper?!

Paratroopa: On the table!

Boo: Where's my eraser?!

Paratroopa: In your mouth!

-End Flashback-

Yoshi: So we're taking requests, don't request too much, and have fun!

Boo: Have fun with what?!

Paratroopa: Oh yeah, we also got this thing called a "Tumblr". Feel free to ask us some questions there!

Yoshi: Or you could ask on "DeviantART". Whichever way works.

Fun Stuff

Yoshi: That's the "Fun Stuff" this time around!

Boo: Please tell me you did this outside- And the link is stuck in the kitchen.

Paratroopa: Again?! Oh, jeez!

Yoshi: You didn't tell me to do it outside!

Paratroopa: Yeah, but I didn't think I needed to tell you that!

Other Various Stuff

Yoshi: Hey, look, Endgame came to visit!

Endgame: Um, no, I just came to get my milk back.

Boo: You gave us your milk?

Endgame: Yes. Is there a problem?

Boo: Um...


Kamek: Gimme that milk!

Yoshi: No, this is Endgame's milk!

Kamek: Well, I need it!

-The milk falls into a Piranha Plant's mouth-

-End Flashback-

Endgame: ...Remind me to never again let you guys handle my milk.


Yoshi: Well, that was fun.

Boo: Too many flashbacks...

Paratroopa: Alright, I finally got the link out of the kitchen!

Yoshi: Awesome!

Boo: Okay...So that's it for the month, I guess.

Yoshi: We'll be back on the 14th of next month, so look out for that! See you then!

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