Yoshi: Hey, everyone! Welcome to the live recording of our newspaper!

Paratroopa: Newscast.

Yoshi: Whatever!

Boo: Stop arguing! We're stallling, guys.

Paratroopa: So we're stalling.

Boo: Yeah, pretty much. Onto the news!


Paratroopa: Erm, there is a huge gaping hole where our fridge was. Does anyone have any guesses who took it?

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Boo: Fun Stuff is up, go read it! This issue is pretty funny, what with all the jokes in there.

Yoshi: Yeah, here's the link.

Paratroopa: ...What the heck is a link doing in the kitchen?!

Yoshi: We're linking Fun Stuff, why?

Paratroopa: Well, you crowded out the whole kitchen, congratulations.


As of now, I will be taking requests to draw pictures for stories and characters on this wiki. If you would like to request something, feel free to inform me.

Yoshi: Can you draw me in all my awesomeness?

Hmm. Let me think about it... -draws Yoshi dressed as Magolor-

Yoshi: ...What the heck am I supposed to be in this?!

Oh, sorry. Let me fix that. -draws Yoshi dressed as Marx- That's better. :)

Yoshi: -sarcastically- Haha, very funny.

Why, yes. It most certainly is. >:3

Yoshi: Well, if you can do all that, can you draw me NORMALLY, please?

Ehh. I'll get to it when my main computer stops acting up.

Yoshi: And when's that gonna be?!

Hmm. I have no idea! xD

The Outcome

Boo: Okay, I finally got the link out of the treehouse.

Paratroopa: And I'm still trying to find out who stole our fridge...How's it going for you, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Terrible. I'm dressed up as Magolor AND Marx. Plus, the writer isn't gonna draw me right!

Well, I don't want to draw you properly. Can you not do it yourself? :P

Boo: -laughs- This is too hilarious, you know that?

Paratroopa: Yoshi, have you tried asking nicely?

Yoshi: I've tried, but the writer's being difficult, not me!

Toadsworth is the prettiest princess in the Mushroom Kingdom. xD

Yoshi: Oh, come on! Is that like your catchphrase or something?!

As a matter of fact, it is.

Boo and Paratroopa: -snicker-


Paratroopa: Well, that ends our monthly newscast for now.

Boo: We hope you enjoyed this, because I sure did!

Yoshi: Draw me!

Nah. Don't feel like it. >:3

Yoshi: Argh!

Paratroopa: Now if you'll excuse us, we need to calm Yoshi down before he destroys something.

Boo: See you in the next issue!