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    Hey, guys, Chipika here! I've noticed a lack of activity on this wiki, so this is what I've come up with. We're going to do our first interactive story!

    So, here's how it's going to work. This blog will be updated weekly, and this story will be done in sections with 3-7 answers per section, in a poll. The answer choice in the section's poll that has the most votes will decide the outcome of the story.

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Begin the adventure!

    You awaken in a large, grassy field covered in brightly colored mushrooms. A few feet from you, you notice a pond. You look into the pond, and are shocked by your reflection. You appear to have turned into a...

    If there isn't any answer that you'd like on the poll, …

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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    Yoshi: Hey, everyone! Welcome to the third newscast!

    Paratroopa: Finally, you get it right, sheesh!

    Boo: Sorry for the lateness, we were kinda busy with our adventures...


    Bowser: Hey, get back here with my house!

    Yoshi: Para, run faster!

    -End Flashback-

    Boo: ...Okay, let's move on!

    Paratroopa: Yoshi! That's a long list of people!

    Yoshi: Yeah, I know. Did it help, though?

    Boo: Let's ask the viewers. Maybe it might help them. And frankly, it's not that long.

    Yoshi: Are you sure? It looks pretty long to me...

    Paratroopa: Yeah, I doubt it.

    Yoshi: Good news, we're gonna start drawing pictures of our adventures!

    Boo: We'll also be doing pictures for others as well.

    Yoshi: So basically; if you got a request, we'll do it!

    Paratroopa: Um, if you do req…

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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    Yoshi: Hey, everyone! Welcome to the live recording of our newspaper!

    Paratroopa: Newscast.

    Yoshi: Whatever!

    Boo: Stop arguing! We're stallling, guys.

    Paratroopa: So we're stalling.

    Boo: Yeah, pretty much. Onto the news!

    Boo: Fun Stuff is up, go read it! This issue is pretty funny, what with all the jokes in there.

    Yoshi: Yeah, here's the link.

    Paratroopa: ...What the heck is a link doing in the kitchen?!

    Yoshi: We're linking Fun Stuff, why?

    Paratroopa: Well, you crowded out the whole kitchen, congratulations.

    As of now, I will be taking requests to draw pictures for stories and characters on this wiki. If you would like to request something, feel free to inform me.


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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    This is the complete story of how TAOYBAP became what it is today.

    A few years ago, I got Mario Hoops 3-on-3. In a few months, I beat the game and unlocked everyone. I played as a Yoshi, a Boo, and a Paratroopa (And I still do today!). So that's how we got the characters.

    The concept of the whole "Oh no, Bowser's sent us to another land!" thing started after I re-read a few of my old comics about Kirby. How you can get an idea for something related to Bowser from Kirby, I'll never know. But either way, I got the idea. That counts for something, right? xD

    Soon after I got back into editing Wikia, I joined the Fansion Wiki, where I got into doing script-form stories. (Thanks for that, GoldenDrilly.) On May 17th, after looking through the Yoshi …

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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    -Yoshi jumps in front of the camera-

    Yoshi: Hey everyone! This is a live recording of our newspaper!

    Boo: -floats in- But this isn't a newspaper, it's a newscast.

    Yoshi: A what? Boo, you've been hanging out with Para too much!

    Paratroopa: Hey! I resent that remark!

    Yoshi: Anyway, onto the news! It includes polls and all those things, so vote!

    Boo: You're starting to sound like a person when they're running for election...

    Yoshi: I don't get it. What's a wiki?

    Paratroopa: Well, this is an announcement for a contest this wiki is having.

    Yoshi: What's the "wiki" about?

    Paratroopa: It is about the stories about our adventures, Yoshi. It's pretty cool.

    Yoshi: You mean people read about what we do? Gah! -runs around screaming-

    Boo: What's going on- Oh. Don't…

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