Dark Matter: Send in Dark Zero!

Kirby: Oh great not this guy again.

Waddle Doo: Isn't he the easiet boss in Kirby: Squeak Squad?

Kirby: Kinda

Dark Zero: Behold the strong power of Dark Nebula!

Dark Zero: Look at me shoot lasers!

Chilly: I got a idea!

Kirby: Spread the word.

Chilly: I will make a snowball....

Waddle Doo: Woah woah woah, we can't damage him with that.

Chillu: What I was saying, I will make a snowball then Kirby can inhale it and become...

All three: ICE KIRBY!

Waddle Doo: Opps you think we said that too loud.

Dark Zero: Ice Kirby? Well I will turn into my ice form!

Chilly: Just inhale it to stop this.

Kirby turns into Ice Kirby with some music in the background!

Kirby: I will shot these ice knifes at you!

Chilly: Wait, I can do that.

Kirby: Well it looks cooler on me.

-Waddle Doo go up close-

Chilly: Yeah, but I can at least make them without a power-up.

Kirby: Well cool music plays when I do it.

-Waddle Doo gets ready to shot a laser at Dark Zero-

Chilly: Well I can make puns that are cool.

Kirby: Well I wear a ice crown.

-Waddle Doo shots a powerful laser at the evil Dark Nebula-

Waddle Doo: What are you guys talking about, I defeated him just right now.

Chilly and Kirby: Oh

Kirby: Who wants ice cream!

Chilly: Cool I want some.

Dark Matter: What?! You defeated Dark Nebula! And you guys are having Ice Cream with out me!

Waddle Doo: Yep

Dark Matter: I can make my own ice cream if I try.

Chilly: Phew good thing he left.

Waddle Dee: Mail, Mail!

Kirby: Oh, here comes the Mailman!

Waddle Dee: King Dedede wants to have a word with you three.

Waddle Doo: King Dedede?

Waddle Dee: Ya, that penguin that has a hammer and is the king, fat, other stuff, has a snail as a helper.

Waddle Doo; Yeah I know who he is, just why he wants us.

Waddle Dee: Oh I don't know

Kirby: Well let's go off to castle Dedede!

-The trio go off to Castle Dedede but they get traped by an Angry Bird gang-

Kirby: What the Hector?!

Red Bird: Caw-caw! We got some people here!

Yellow Bird: A pink ball, one eyed ornage ball, and frosty the snowman.

Chilly: Hey who you calling Frosty the Snowman!!!

Black Bird: Well all this is making me sweat.

White Bird: Oh no not this again!

-Black Bird explodes-

The three: What the heck?!

Well the three make it? Is Dark Matter really making his own Ice Cream? What did King Dedede want? Is Black Bird coming back in the next chapter? When is my pizza coming?! All this and more well be found out in the chapter!