aka Blooey.

  • I live in Beach City
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Saving humanity.
  • I am a Crystal Gem
  • BlueSeven123

    -Preview Starts Now-

    "Hurry up!" Madz exclaimed at Soren, who was now lagging behind.

    "I'm...trying." he replied.

    He then fell to his knees and retched a small puddle of blood on the floor. "Ugh..."

    Madz and Billy then rushed to his side.

    "What's wrong with you?" Billy asked.

    He got no answer. Instead, he saw him holding his stomach, eyes closed.

    Ashley noticed this, and walked over to him.

    "What's wrong Soar..?" she nervously asked. She was just mere inches away from him, but a repulsing field violently pushed her back, and she hit her head on the hard ground. "Ow!"

    They went to help her up, but the second they turned back around, they regretted it. Soren's breathing intensified, and he was now clutching his chest.

    "What the...." Madz said, taking a…

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