King Chomp: Well, to set this straight, you guys are gonna face the wrath of... -pulls out guitar- Sir Chomp The Third!! Prepare to face my wrath!

Yoshi: (Okay, this guy is officially WAY lamer than when we last met him...)

Boo: (You think?)

Paratroopa: (No, "lunatic" makes more sense.)

King Chomp: Hey! I heard that!

-King Chomp tackles the three into the wall-

Yoshi: Ow!

Boo: Man, that hurt. What should we do?

Yoshi: I dunno. Have any ideas Para?

Paratroopa: Maybe if we're really quiet, we can get away from him.

-Yoshi and Boo tiptoe away-

???: Hey! Speed it up! Audience is bored again!

Yoshi: Shut it already! You're the reason we're in here! -throws confetti at announcer-

???: What? Confetti cannot hurt me!

Paratroopa: -being chased by King Chomp- What about explosive confetti?!

???: Uhh...-confetti explodes-

Yoshi: Awesome job Para! Where do you get this stuff?!

Paratroopa: Boo, send out the Cluckboom! Yoshi, I don't just get stuff for YOUR entertainment!

Boo: -throws Cluckboom at King Chomp-

???: Ooh! And King Chomp takes 5 damage!

Paratroopa: Alright, this thing has a lot more damege to take!

King Chomp: Pretty chicken! Where are you from, little fellow?

Yoshi: This guy is a lunatic! Whatever that means!

Boo: Lunatic means deranged.

Yoshi: Then what does deranged mean?

Boo: -sigh-

Paratroopa: Incoming Silver Chomp!

-Silver Chomp rolls after Boo and Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Darn it!

Yoshi: I guess I'm coming...

Boo: Hey! Let go!

-Boo and Silver Chomp argue with each other-

Yoshi: Yeah, keep him busy, Boo.

Boo: Will do.

Paratroopa: King Chomp, you're going downtown!

King Chomp: You're going downtown too! Wait. What I said doesn't make sense.

Yoshi: Seriously, Para?

Paratroopa: -gasps- Yoshi, look out!

-King Chomp charges towards Yoshi-

Yoshi: Ugh! That's it, you're going down, nutcase.

Boo: The Silver Chomp left! So do you guys need any help yet?

Yoshi and Paratroopa: Yes!

-Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa throw Smash Eggs at King Chomp-

King Chomp: Oh no you don't!

-King Chomp throws soup at Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Hot hot hot hot hot!

Yoshi: Soup must hurt, huh?

Boo: Oh look, King Chomp! It's a...Uhh...Luigi flying away!

-Boo points to the sky-

King Chomp: Where? I need to get revenge on him after he spilled soup on my house.

Yoshi: Uhh...Someplace called....the...

Paratroopa: place known as....

Boo: Hurry up or he's gonna get suspicious!

Yoshi: Underwhere!

Paratroopa: Overthere!

Boo: -sighs- What?

Yoshi and Paratroopa: Overthere The Underwhere!

Boo: -facepalm- Seriously?!

King Chomp: Uhh...(And I thought I was a lunatic.) Alright, I'm going. Peace!

-King Chomp jumps out of stadium-

???: And King Chomp leaves the stadium! Battle is over! Next boss: Bouldergeist!

Yoshi: What? Holderguys?

Paratroopa: No, not that, Bouldergeist!

-Bouldergeist materializes in the middle of the arena grounds-

Bouldergeist: I am an astral being made of dark matter and boulders that follow me. Prepare to be defeaten.

Boo: Uhh...He talks with stange words. Para, do you kno what he's saying?

Paratroopa: Not now, he's chasing Yoshi!

Yoshi: Gah! Someone stop him! He throws too many rocks!

Boo: Don't worry, I'll help!

-Boo throws Boo Bombs at Bouldergeist-

Yoshi: Thanks, dude. Looks like we damaged him.

Bouldergeist: You shouldn't have done that, Boo.

Boo: Uh, how do you know my name?

-Bouldergeist shines light from the floating rocks-

Paratroopa: Boo, don't look! It's too bright!

Boo: Argh! Too bright!

-Boo gets stunned and falls to the ground-

???: Boo has been defeated!

Yoshi: Alright, looks like it's just you and me, Para.

Paratroopa: I can see that, Yoshi.

Bouldergeist: And Paratroopa?

Yoshi: Whoa. How do you know our names?

Boudergeist: Because I've kept an eye on you under Bowser's orders.

-Bouldergeist throws a huge rock at Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Boulders are heavy...

???: For the third time, you are on the brink of "Game Over" again. You still need better luck.

Yoshi: Para, are you okay? Because that looks kinda heavy...

Paratroopa: No need to worry. I'm fine.

Bouldergeist: Really? -snaps fingers-

-A barrage of rocks falls onto Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Argh!!!

Yoshi: How dare you!

Paratroopa: Ugh...You're still going down...

Bouldergeist: -sigh- When will you stop?

-Bouldergeist throws Paratroopa into the wall-

Yoshi: This isn't fair!

Paratroopa: Yeah! -charges towards Bouldergeist-

???: It doesn't have to!

Yoshi: Watch out, Para!

-Boo Bomb explodes and knocks Paratroopa into the wall-

???: Paratroopa has been defeated!

Yoshi: Shoot.

Bouldergeist: Your turn!

-Yoshi tackles Boudergeist-

Bouldergeist: Urgh! So you managed to damage me...

Yoshi: Yeah! -grabs Ice Flower-

Bouldergeist: Ugh. I just want to end the battle, so I'll just do...this!

-Boo Bombs surround Yoshi-

Yoshi: Oh, crud.

-Boo Bombs explode and sends Yoshi into the ground-

???: And Yoshi has been defeated! That ends our show for today!

Yoshi: Ugh... -blacks out-


-Yoshi wakes up in the infirmary-

Yoshi: Huh...Where am I?

Boo: You're in the infirmary, Yoshi.

Paratroopa: Duh! You feeling alright, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yeah...

-Announcer walks in-

???: Well, well, well. You lasted much longer than I expected.

Yoshi: Who is this?

???: You didn't figure it out? I'm Kamek!

Paratroopa: -gasps- Someone said Kamek! Did he catch up to us?!

Kamek: I am Kamek, you imbecile!

Boo: Hey! No one calls us imbeciles!

Kamek: Well, I still have to blast you off with the Banana Cannon. Lord Bowser won't be bothered with you for a while!

-Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa fall off the floor and into the cannon-

Yoshi: Uh oh.

Kamek: Let's see...How about we blast you off to Castle Bleck?

Boo: Uhh...

-Kamek fires the cannon towards Castle Bleck-

Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa: Aaaahhhhhh!

Yoshi: Castle Bleck?

Boo: It was created by Count Bleck.

Paratroopa: Prepare for a crashlanding!

-The three crashland near the entrance of the castle and black out-

To be continued...

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