Yoshi: We destroyed their robot!

Red Ninjakoopa: -blows raspberry at Yoshi-

???: Get on with it, our audience is getting bored. Again!

Boo: -throws spike ball at announcer-

???: Oww! My head hurts now!

Black Ninjakoopa: Can we just finish this?!

Yoshi: You got it!

-Yoshi throws eggs at Yellow and Green Ninjakoopas-

Boo: Yeah, I thinkl we should finish this!

-Boo poofs behind Yellow Ninjakoopa-

Boo: BOO! I am a Boo!

Yellow Ninjakoopa: Gaahhh!

-Yellow Ninjakoopa faints-

???: And the Yellow Ninjakoopa is out!

Yoshi: Awesome! One down, three to go!

Green Ninjakoopa: I don't think so! -tackles Yoshi to the ground-

Yoshi: Augh!

Boo: I'm coming, Yoshi!

Black Ninjakoopa: Oh no, you don't!

-Boo gets stunned by the light on Black Ninjakoopa's shell-

Red Ninjakoopa: Oh. That's where the flashlight went. Keep it in there, Black. -continues to fight Yoshi-

Black Ninjakoopa: But it's uncomfortable!

Yoshi: What are you doing?!

-Red Ninjakoopa slashes at Yoshi-

Yoshi: My arm! Paratroopa, help!

Paratroopa: Gotcha! Boo, get up!

Boo: Huh?! Oh!

-Paratroopa uses a Cloud Flower-

Black Ninjakoopa: What's that supposed to do?

Red Ninjakoopa: Uhh...

Green Ninjakoopa: Watch out!

-Paratroopa uses a Rock Mushroom and ground-pounds on Black and Green Ninjakoopas-

???: Ooh! Green and Black Ninjakoopas have been defeated! So much for revenge!

Red Ninjakoopa: I'm still here!

Yoshi and Boo: -in unison- Not for long! Paratroopa, now!

Paratroopa: Alright! -throws Thunder Flowers at Yoshi and Boo-

Red Ninjakoopa: ...Crud! Should've brought my powerups!

Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa: Yeah! -throws electricity at Red Ninjakoopa-

-Red Ninjakoopa collapses on the ground-

???: And the Super Awesome Mighty Ultra Amazing Koopa Bros. The Greatest have been defeated!

Yoshi: Finally!

Boo: I'm glad that's over!

???: Next boss: Waddle Doo!

Yoshi: Him again?!

Paratroopa: You asked if you could battle him later, and this is later!

-Waddle Doo walks into arena grounds-

Waddle Doo: Finally! Do you guys even know how gross it is inside an egg?! -glares at Yoshi-

Boo: We have to battle you again?!

Yoshi: Whatever! I can beat you!

Waddle Doo: Oh yeah? Bring it on!

Boo: Yeah!

Yoshi: No, YOU bring it on!

Paratroopa: I really think we should just leave, you know?

Waddle Doo: Can it! -strikes Paratroopa with his sword-

Paratroopa: Are you serious?!

Waddle Doo: Hm, looks like I struck a nerve there!

Paratroopa: -gets angry- You want to bring it on? BRING IT ON!

Yoshi: Whoa. You all right, Para?

Waddle Doo: Uh, yeah! Bring it on! (Gulp...)

-Paratroopa and Waddle Doo attack each other with hammers-

Boo: I think Para's mad. He must've struck a nerve.

Yoshi: Yeah, I think so, too.

Waddle Doo: -gets hit by spike ball- Ow! Good hit! But not good enough!

Paratroopa: Argh! -hits a Chain Chomp with his hammer-

-Chain Chomp charges towards Waddle Doo-

Waddle Doo: Gah!

Yoshi: Woo-hoo! Go Para!

Boo: You're almost done!

-Paratroopa throws the hammer towards Waddle Doo-

Waddle Doo: Darn it! -crashes into wall-

???: And Waddle Doo has been defeated! Ready the Banana Cannon!

Paratroopa: -pants in exhaustion- Finally! Wait. What?

Yoshi: The Banana Cannon? -snickers-

Boo: What?

???: Launch Waddle Doo to...King Dedede's castle!

Waddle Doo: Say what now?

-The Banana Cannon shoots Waddle Doo to King Dedede's castle-


King Dedede: Escargoon!

Escargoon: Yes, your Majesty?

King Dedede: Where's Waddle Doo?!

-Waddle Doo crashes through the ceiling-

Waddle Doo: I'm here!

King Dedede and Escargoon: Uhh...

In the arena...

???: Next boss: Petey Piranha!

Petey Piranha: I'm going to enjoy this!

Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa: Crud.

Petey Piranha: -throws Volcano Plants onto the arena grounds- Let's see how this will go!

-Volcano Plants shoot out fireballs-

Yoshi: Seriously? Dude, you did this last time! -swallows a fireball-

Paratroopa: Yoshi is right; you did this while we were in the pipe maze.

Boo: I concur!

Petey Piranha: Are you guys going to keep using big words?

Boo and Paratroopa: Hey!

Yoshi: -spits fireball at Petey Piranha-

Petey Piranha: Ow! Nice try, but I trained for this kind of thing!

Yoshi: Wha?!

Paratroopa: It's only been like a day since we last met! There is absolutely no way you could train that fast!

Petey Piranha: I also learned some magic!

Boo: I didn't know it was possible for Piranha Plants to use magic.

Petey Piranha: -gets a deck of cards out- Pick a card, any card!

Paratroopa: That's not real magic.

Petey Piranha: Oh yeah?!

Paratroopa: Yeah! Yoshi, Boo, now!

-Yoshi and Boo attempt to tackle Petey Piranha-

Yoshi: Yahhh!

-Petey Piranha flies higher into the sky-

Paratroopa: Watch out!

-Yoshi and Boo fall onto the ground-

Petey Piranha: Ha!

Yoshi and Boo: ...Crud!

-Windbag blows Nipper Spores out of nowhere-

Yoshi: Oh no! Para, do something!

Paratroopa: Can't! Being chased by a Ptooie!

Yoshi: Boo? Can you help me?

Boo: I would, Yoshi, but I am floasting away from a Ghost Piranha.

Yoshi: Floasting?!

???: And it looks like our audience is getting bored, so speed it up!

Paratroopa: -throws Mini Mushroom at announcer-

???: Ahh! I'm tiny!

Yoshi: Wow. You have a lot of powerups.

Paratroopa: Well, you can never be too prepared! -still running from Ptooie-

Boo: Ghost Piranhas are scary!

Yoshi: ...That's it! I'm getting tired of this!

-Yoshi pulls out a Dash Pepper-

Petey Piranha: And what's that supposed to do?

Yoshi: This! -runs around arena grounds-

Petey Piranha: Fire! It burns! Please, I give up! Just don't destroy my leaficure!

???: -through loudspeaker- Looks like Petey gives up! Next boss: King Chomp!

King Chomp: -from outside the arena- Guess who?

Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa: No!!!

-King Chomp jumps into arena grounds-

To be continued...