-The trio gets up-

Yoshi: Oww...Why does my head hurt...

Paratroopa: You were sleep-fighting again, Yoshi! You kicked everyone out!

Boo: Yeah, that's what happened last night.

Yoshi: Wait. Again? I've done this before?!

Boo and Paratroopa: -frown-

Yoshi: Sorry?

-Starfy and his friends walk in-

Starfy: Is he done kicking and yelling yet?

Bunston: I hope so!

-Kirby, Waddle Doo and Chilly come in-

Kirby: Hey, it's Boo and the other random people!

Waddle Doo: And Yoshi!

Yoshi: Hey! I beat you fair and square that day, Waddles!

Waddle Doo: Waddles?! Why you!!!

Paratroopa: Yoshi, what the heck are you doing?!

Yoshi: Eating?

Paratroopa: Right.

Yoshi: What?

Paratroopa: You're eating the blanket.

Yoshi: Really? I didn't know.

Boo: Hey! That's my blankie! -pulls blanket from Yoshi-

Bunston: What are you guys doing?

Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa: Nothing...

Waddle Doo: So what is this place?

Paratroopa: We appear to be in Gritzy Desert. More specifically, the Koopaseum.

Chilly: It's so hot here!

Paratroopa: Noted.

Chilly: Why is it so hot?

Waddle Doo: This is a desert, genius.

Chilly: How dare you call me a genius!

Paratroopa: What are you guys arguing about?

Chilly: He called me a genius!

Paratroopa: I don't see the problem there...

-The floor shakes-

Yoshi: W-What's going on?!

Paratroopa: The floor...It's shaking... -faints-

Boo: Para?!

Chilly: What's going on? Why is the ground shaking?

Kirby: That!

-A whole group of Shroobs walk into the room-

Starfy: Wow. I never did this back in Pufftop.

Moe: Uhh...

Shroob #1: (How many of these people are there?)

Shroob #2: (What is that Toad doing?)

-Toadce spins around with a hammer-

Shroobs: (Oh no! She's got a hammer!)

-The hammer squishes everyone-

Yoshi: Ow! Toadce, be careful!

Kamek: -on loudspeaker- Toadce and the Goombas, your act is up!

Toadce: Let's go!

Goombas: Yeah!

-Toadce and the Goombas run to the stage-

Kamek: So, get ready!

Toadce: Uhh...Okay...

-The song begins-

Goomba #1: Hey, Goomba, what's up?

Goomba #2: Oh, nothing much, Goomba.

Toadce: Might I interest you in a-

Goombas: Dance party!!!

-Everyone dances-

Toadce: And that's our song! Good night, Mushroom Kingdom!

-Applause is heard from the crowd-

Kamek: Very short song, but it'll do. And it's daytime!

Toadce: Awesome!

Goombas: Woo-hoo!

Kamek: Okay, short intermission!

Yoshi: We have to come up with a song?!

Paratroopa: Obviously!

Boo: Do we have to make a new one? Can't we reuse that song we did that one day?

Paratroopa: No, we can't.

-Meta Knight walks by-

Kirby: Hey, look! It's Meta Knight!

Meta Knight: Kirby? What are you doing here?

Chilly: I think we should ask you that.

Starfy: Uhh...Okay, we're going. This is strange in so many ways...

Starly: Yeah...

Moe: (Seriously, these guys are weirdoes!)

Bunston: (Well, this isn't as crazy as that time Mashtooth got onto your talk show.)

Boo: So who is that, Kirby?

Kirby: That's Meta Knight.

Marx: Oh great. Do I have to keep running into you bozos?

Paratroopa: If I may inquire, isn't it you who runs into us?

Marx: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Help me set up stage. It got destroyed by the "Shroob" attack.

Kirby: What?! You want us to set up stage?!

Yoshi: We're not gonna do it!

Waddle Doo: You can't make us!

Marx: Or can I?


Yoshi: I can't believe he tricked us into doing this for him!

Boo: Well, he did.

Paratroopa: Just deal with it, Yoshi...

Marx: Are you bozos done yet?!

Yoshi: No!

Boo: What are we doing again?

Marx: You're setting up stage.

Paratroopa: Why?

Marx: Because.

Yoshi: Because what?

Marx: -facepalm-

-Kirby and Chilly put down their brushes-

Kirby: We're finished!

Chilly: Let's get him!

Everyone: YEAH!!!

Marx: Oh crud!

-Everyone beats up Marx-

To be continued...

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