Waddle Dee: Hey guys. I have to say something.

Chilly: What is it you idiot?

Waddle Dee: *turns into a robot* *punches train* DIE

Chilly: No. :(

Waddle Dee: *kills chilly*

Waddle Dee: Now to get Kirby.

Waddle Dee: *runs up to Marx's husband's house*

Waddle Dee: I command you to halt!

Marx's Husband: Huh?

Waddle Dee: *gives Marx's Husband a dounut* Here you go. *leaves*


Kirby: It's working!

Kirby: *slides over to computer* Yes, almost done with this....

Kirby: *gets Nova pecies* Yes, i finally have the last piece.

Kirby: FInally, after all these years..

Kirby: I have them all....

Kirby: *opens portal*

Kirby: Here we go.

The Adventures of Waddle Dee, Kirby, and Chilly Will return.

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