????: Well well boys, seems like the Master Emerald is gone.

Luigi: Who's this!

Koopa:You better stay out of our business.

?????: Who said I wanted to go into a business, It is a long term investiment after all ... or maybe I do?

Knuckles: Rouge!

Rouge: Well hello there Knuckle Head

Knuckles: What do you want bat girl!?

Rouge: Nothing, but I have been spying on you and came here to affiliate you.

Koopa: No thank you, but you seem like a backstabber.

Rouge: Listen up, if you want the Master Emeralds you need a bat's eye view but now, with that monster out and about we need the Choas Emeralds.

Knuckles:She does have a point guys.

Petey: Garglebargle...

Luigi: I guess he trusts her so I guess you can help.

-Rouge joined your Party!-

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