Koopa and Paratroopa play video games in Paratroopa's tree house

Koopa: Wow, I didn't know you had a tree house here.

Paratroopa: I built it yesterday. Here's a colourized flashback.


Paratroopa: Okay, for Koopa and I to play video games and watch TV the next time we meet, I need to build a tree house.


Paratroopa: Done!

The tree house looks amazing, but it is actually a cardboard extension, and it falls down

Paratroopa: Oh, well. At least I did build the tree house and at least it's stable.

Flashback ended

Koopa: All the flashbacks in the world have colour, you know, although some are in black-and-white.

Paratroopa: I know.

Koopa: Para, could you at least use smaller words?

Paratroopa: I'm pretty used to using vocabulary words.

Koopa: Whatever, man.

A fog appears outside

Koopa: Hey, dude. There's some kind of fog outside.

Paratroopa: What is it?

Koopa: I don't know. We better go see what it is.

Koopa and Paratroopa climb down the tree house

???: Hey, suckers.

Koopa: Who's there? Maybe you can use big words to confuse this fog guy.

Paratroopa: Sure. Hey, fog man! Are you still narcissistic?

???: Stop it with the big words! I cannot focus being evil when you do that!

Koopa: Well, who are you?

???: Um, your imaginary algebra teacher?

Paratroopa: Pfft. Nice try, ENDGAME!

Endgame clears the fog and reveals himself

Endgame: Aw, darn it, Para! You still remember me?!

Koopa: Um, who's Endgame?

Paratroopa: Endgame was my old friend. (dramatic flashback) It took back to the year of-

Koopa: Come on! Could you hurry it up? No dramatic flashbacks, alright? Just regular flashbacks!

Paratroopa: Okay, sheesh! Endgame was my old friend.

Flashback (regular, not dramatic, just as Koopa said)

Paratroopa: (narrating) We used to hang out together. This was before I met you, so don't ask. Then, one day, he became evil after he, well, got bit by the Great Devourer!

Koopa: Dude!

Paratroopa: Okay, okay. (narrating) He didn't really get bit by the Great Devourer. I just made that up. He actually ate a seed that made him evil. No apparent reason why he ate it, actually. (end of narration) There, that's all.

Koopa: You're serious, aren't you?

Paratroopa: Well, that's true.

Endgame: I ate that seed because I wanted to be evil! I work for Bowser! I am a Koopatrol!

Koopa: Koopatrols are still evil, aren't they?

Paratroopa: Yep. Wow, Endgame. You're so antagonistic.

Endgame: Doh! You still use big words, don't you, Paratroopa?!

Paratroopa: Oh, come on!

Koopa: So, you guys knew each other before, right?

Paratroopa and Endgame: Yep.

Paratroopa: Here's another flashback on we met and-

Koopa: Oh, will you quit it with the flashbacks, Para?!

Paratroopa: Okay, sorry.

Endgame: Anyways, I'm going to take over the Mushroom Kingdom! But first, let us settle on a trial first, okay?

Koopa: What trial?

Paratroopa: I don't know.

Endgame snaps his fingers and a portal appears below Koopa and Paratroopa

Koopa and Paratroopa fall inside the portal

Koopa and Paratroopa: (scream)

Endgame: Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! (stomach rumbles) Whoops. I shouldn't have eaten that much chili dogs in the first place!


Koopa: (opens his eyes slowly) Ugh. Where are we?

Paratroopa: I don't know. (while Koopa looks over to him)

Koopa: I think Endgame did this!

Paratroopa: (gasps) He did!

Endgame: (from loudspeaker) Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the annual Underchomp Colosseum!

The crowd cheers

Paratroopa: Uh-oh.

Koopa: Why "uh-oh"?

Paratroopa: I remember when he became evil, he usually punishes his enemies by doing this!

Koopa: Has he done this to you before?

Paratroopa: No. During that time, that was when I was still evil.

Endgame: (over loudspeaker) And the champion, the Underchomp!

The Underchomp comes out

Koopa: Whoa, what's that?

Paratroopa: It's the Underchomp! But I have to admit, they are pretty cool.

Koopa: I know, right?

Endgame: (over loudspeaker) And on the home team, Koopa and Paratroopa!

The crowd cheers

Goomba: (from the bleachers) Go, Koopa and Paratroopa!

Buzzy: I still don't know how we got here.

Jay: Me neither! I should be helping Sensei Wu right now, but what the heck! Go Koopa and Paratroopa!

Back to Koopa and Paratroopa

Koopa: Oh, man! What are we gonna do?

Paratroopa: I don't know.

Koopa: What do you mean, you don't know how to defeat this thing?!

Paratroopa: I really don't know!

The Underchomp charges at Koopa and Paratroopa

Koopa: (screams) It's coming this way!

Paratroopa: Run!

Koopa and Paratroopa run away from the Underchomp

Koopa: How about this? I take red head and you take yellow head.

Paratroopa: What?!

Koopa: Just do it!

Paratroopa: Okay, okay!

Koopa runs towards the red one and Paratroopa runs towards the yellow one

Koopa: Take this, red head! (dashes with his shell at the red one)

Endgame: (over loudspeaker) The red one takes 20 and faints! (to himself) Dangit, I could've made him more tough!

Paratroopa: Koopa! What should I do?

Koopa: Dash with your shell!

Paratroopa: I can't! My wings keep flying!

Koopa: Can you stop flying?

Paratroopa: Well, I'll try.

Paratroopa lands and dashes towards the yellow head

Endgame: (over loudspeaker) Yellow is defeated! (to himself) Come on! I suck!

Koopa: How'd it go?

Paratroopa: He reeks!

Koopa: Well, didn't you know that?

Paratroopa: Not really. I just didn't want to take him because I hate the colour yellow.

Koopa: We still have the blue head left.

The blue one breathes blue fire

Koopa: Eek!

Koopa and Paratroopa dodge

Paratroopa: What are we gonna do?

Koopa: I have two Ice Flowers right here.

Paratroopa: Um, where'd you get them?

Koopa: Found them.

Koopa and Paratroopa use the Ice Flowers to freeze the blue Chomp

The blue Chomp breaks apart

Endgame: (over loudspeaker) And the winners are Koopa and Paratroopa!

The crowd cheers

Endgame: Grr! I can't take this anymore! I'm gonna get those two!

Endgame goes into the arena

Endgame: You guys are dead!

Koopa: Not for long.

Koopa and Paratroopa move out of Endgame's way

Endgame: Aah! (falls into a large hole)

Paratroopa: Good idea on adding that hole.

Koopa: Meh. That was just randomness.

Endgame: I will get you guys! First of all, I need to go take a poo after (stomach rumbles) eating that much chili dogs!

Buzzy, Goomba, and Jay come into the arena

Jay: Wow! That was amazing!

Koopa: Um, thanks, Jay.

Buzzy: (sniffs) What's that smell? You farted, didn't you, Goomba?

Goomba: This time, it's not me.

Koopa: It's something yellow.

Buzzy: Whatever. Anyways, you two did great!

Kai and Cole come into the colosseum

Kai and Cole: Jay!

Kai: You were late for my annoying sister's date! She kept complaining and she was all like, "Kai, where's Jay?!", "Jay, where are you?!"

Jay: Uh, let me explain.

Cole: Come here, you! (grabs onto Jay's ear)

Jay: Ow, ow, ow! Cole, you're hurting me!

Kai: Let's tell Sensei Wu about this.

Kai and Cole walk back to the Bounty with Jay

Jay: Ow, Cole! This hurts!

Koopa: That was, odd.

Paratroopa: I have to admit, that was pretty fun!

Koopa: Indeed it was.

Buzzy: Um, what do you guys wanna do now?

Goomba: Go eat at a restaurant? I'm hungry right now. The popcorn wasn't enough.

Koopa: Okay, sure. Now, what can we use to get out of here?

Paratroopa: Hey, there's a pipe that says "Koopa Village Restaurant".

Koopa: Great, let's go there.

The four of them go inside the Koopa Village Restaurant pipe

Goomba farts

Buzzy: (sniffs) What's that smell?

Goomba: Now that time, I farted.

Koopa, Buzzy, and Paratroopa: Aw, Goomba!

The end

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