-Goomba is sitting on his bed, bored-

-Koopa comes in-

Koopa: Hey, Goomba. What's up?

Goomba: I'm bored. That's what's up.

Koopa: Well, can you do something about it?

Goomba: No. Go away.

Koopa: Alright, fine. I'll go downstairs.

-Koopa goes downstairs-

Buzzy: Hey, Koopa. (while making breakfast)

Koopa: Buzzy, there's something wrong with Goomba.

Buzzy: What is it?

Koopa: He's bored and he's acting grumpy right now.

Buzzy: Does he want us to go up to his and my room?

Koopa: Well, no. He told me to get out when I started talking to him.

Buzzy: Okay. Well, it's his problem, not ours.

Koopa: Don't you think we should go check on him?

Buzzy: What did I just say?

Koopa: I know, but he's our friend.

Buzzy: So?

Koopa: (slaps Buzzy)

Buzzy: Ow!

Koopa: Just do it.

Buzzy: Alright, fine.

Koopa and Buzzy go up to Buzzy and Goomba's room

Koopa: (knocks on the door)

Goomba: (from inside) Go away!

Buzzy: Wow. You were right.

Koopa: I'm surprised Goomba didn't lock the door. (opens the door) Hey, dude. Are you okay?

Goomba: Yes! Now leave me alone!

Buzzy: Wow. He really IS grumpy.

Koopa: See what I mean?

Buzzy: Does that mean I can go irritate him?

Koopa: What?! No!

Buzzy: I'll take that as a yes. (goes into his and Goomba's room)

Koopa: -facepalm- (groans)

Goomba: I told you and Koopa to get out!

Buzzy: Hey, this is my room, too! So what?

Goomba: Well, this is now my territory!

Koopa: (goes in the room) Hey, hey. Goomba, what's your problem?

Goomba: I'm bored! Geez, do I have to keep repeating myself?!

Koopa: Well, yeah, but you aren't supposed to get all angry and stuff.

Goomba: I can get angry if I want to! (growls)

Goomba kicks through the window

Koopa and Buzzy: Uh-oh.


Goomba: I'm gonna destroy this village! That should cure my boredom!

Goomba crushes flowers and breaks windows

Goomba: (laughs evilly)

Koopa: (hits Goomba on the head, leaving him unconscious)

Goomba: (snoring)

Buzzy: Um, where'd you get the frying pan?

Koopa: Princess Peach gives them to me occasionally in case of emergencies.

Buzzy: What's the emergency right now?

Koopa: That Goomba is a complete maniac?

Buzzy: Of course.

Koopa: Let's carry him back into the house.

-Koopa and Buzzy carry Goomba over to their house-

Mark the Sky-Blue Spiny: (pops out of his house window) Buzzy! You and your friends are gonna have to pay for that!

Buzzy: We know that, Mark!


Goomba: (groans and wakes up)

Koopa: Are you okay, man?

Goomba: (sits up) Yeah, I'm fine. What the heck happened?

Buzzy: You were a maniac after you got bored and- Oh, never mind.

Goomba: Oh, I remember that. I'm sorry. I guess I had too much boredom inside of me. (sighs) Could you guys forgive me?

Koopa and Buzzy: (in unison) Sure. Jinx!

Koopa: Oh, forget about jinxing each other.

Buzzy: (punches Koopa lightly) Koopa, Koopa, Koopa.

Koopa: Really? You punched me and then you unjinxed me?

Buzzy: Well, sure.

Koopa: (punches Buzzy lightly) Buzzy, Buzzy, Buzzy.

Buzzy: You just did the same thing.

Koopa: (chuckles) I know. Hey, where'd Goomba go?

Meanwhile, upstairs

Goomba: Yeah! Super Race Rally! Why didn't I play this to cure my boredom?

Goomba crashes

Goomba: Dang it. I'm going back to being bored.

The end.

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