Koopa is playing video games in the tree house

Buzzy comes up

Buzzy: Hey, Koopa.

Koopa: Hey, Buzzy.

Buzzy: Did you eat your breakfast already?

Koopa: Yeah.

Buzzy: Okay, just checking.

Buzzy climbs down the tree house

An airship appears above the tree house

Koopa: (sticks his head out the tree house) Hmm?

Bowser: Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Koopa, I've come back for you!

Koopa: You again? Haven't you ever gotten enough?

Bowser: No way! My kingdom's been decreasing ever since you, Buzzy, and Goomba left!

Koopa: You still have Piranha Plants and Bullet Bills, right?

Bowser: Yeah, but they're not enough for my needs. Anyways, you have two options: to let me kill you, or to join the Koopa Troop!

Koopa: C. None of the above

Bowser: Then you leave me no choice!

Bowser targets the airship cannons at Koopa

Bowser: So long, Koopa!

Koopa: Oh, man. I need help! (spots a ? Block) Oh, how convenient. A ? Block.

Bowser: What the?

Koopa punches the ? Block and grabs a Fire Flower

Koopa: So long, Bowser!

Bowser: No, wait. My airship's not- (his airship gets hit a fireball) Aah!

Bowser's airship flies back to his castle

Koopa: Phew!

Buzzy walks out of the house

Buzzy: Let me guess... Bowser?

Koopa: Yup. Everything's fine right now.

Buzzy: Okay. (walks back into the house)

Koopa: Hey, wait for me. (walks back into the house)

Later for Bowser

Bowser: Gah! It's not fair! I mean, my kingdom is now, well, small!

Kamek: I don't know what to do about it. I mean, I'm still working for you. It's just that, well, your ideas don't work. No offense.

Bowser: Whatever. I still have something I can use. (pulls out a controller and presses the red button on it) The "Bowser Rocket-Gun 9000"!

Kamek: Um, do you think it'll work?

Bowser: Sure, why not?

Kamek: I remember the last time you used a rocket-gun device and Kirby ate it.


Bowser: I gotcha now, Koopa!

Koopa: Um, hey, it's Kirby!

Bowser: Bwa-ha! Nice try, but-

Koopa: No, seriously. It's Kirby.

Kirby: Poyo!

Bowser: What the? No, get away. Get away!

Kirby eats the rocket-gun and Bowser himself

Bowser: (muffled) Why you idiot!

The rocket-gun activates

Bowser: What the? No, no, no! Stupid rocket guns!

Bowser and Kirby scream as they get launched

Flashback ended

Bowser: Oh, yeah. Don't worry. This time, it'll be a piece of cake. I mean, I have Kirby as a prisoner already.

In Kirby's jail cell

Kirby: (disappointed) Poyo.

Kamek: Okay. I wish you good luck, master.

Bowser: Thanks.


Koopa: (watches TV in the tree house)

Bowser: Ha-ha! He's in the tree house! Now I've got him where I wanted him!

Koopa: Hmm? What was that? (takes a megaphone in the tree house) Stupid megaphone. What a piece of junk. Making random sounds. (throws the megaphone out of the tree house)

The megaphone hits Bowser

Bowser: Ow! (rocket becomes activated) What the? No, no, no! Not the rockets! (screams as he gets launched at the castle)

Koopa: Sheesh. I gotta stop keeping used megaphones.


Bowser: Darn rockets! He defeated me just by throwing a megaphone at me! How clever is that?!

Kamek: Got another idea?

Bowser: Actually, there is one more. (pulls out another controller and presses the red button on it) The "Bowser Ship 5000"!

Kamek: Gee, that's gotta be the worst name out of all of Iggy's inventions.

Bowser: Oh, don't make fun of my middle son like that. Besides, I made up the name. I'm going to shoot their house with this! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Kamek: (sighs) Oh, boy.


Bowser: Yeah, I made it! Now I can finally destroy their house!

Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba come out of the house playing water balloon fight

Koopa: Ha! Take that! (throws a water balloon at Goomba)

Goomba: No! Here's a surprise to you! (throws a water balloon at Koopa) I can still throw with my feet!

Buzzy throws a water balloon at Goomba

Buzzy: What a coincidence! So can I!

Bowser: What are they doing? Don't they see that I'm about to destroy their house?!

Buzzy: Take this, Koopa!

Koopa: (ducks) Whoop!

The water balloon hits one of Bowser's shooters

Bowser: No!

Buzzy: And another one for you, Koopa!

Koopa: (ducks twice) Whoop! Whoa!

The two water balloons that Buzzy threw hit both the engine an the other shooter of the Bowser Ship 5000

Bowser: No!

The Bowser Ship 5000 goes down

Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba: Huh?

The Bowser Ship 5000 lands on the ground

Bowser comes out of the Bowser Ship 5000

Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba: Bowser?

Koopa: You spied on us, didn't you?

Bowser: Yes, I did!

Buzzy: Why were you being some kind of stalker?

Bowser: So, I can kill you guys and destroy your house!

Goomba: For the last time, we're not going back to the Koopa Troop!

Bowser: Well, too bad! I have a laser gun that Iggy made for me! So long, suckers!

One of the Bowser Ship 5000's shooters shoots Bowser

Bowser: Aaaaaaaah! (gets shot back to his castle)

Koopa: Wow. That was unpredictable.

Buzzy: Totally. I mean, the shooter just activated automatically.

Goomba: Something like that.

Koopa: What do you guys want to do right now?

Buzzy: More water balloon fights?

Koopa: Definitely!

Goomba: I'm in!

The three of them go into the house to get more buckets of water balloons

Koopa: (throws a water balloon at Buzzy) Take that! You may be fire-resistant, but not water-resistant!

Buzzy: (throws a water balloon at Koopa) Oh, yeah? That's payback!

Goomba: Here's payback for both of you! (throws water balloons at Koopa and Buzzy) Ha-ha!

Koopa and Buzzy: Hmm.

Koopa and Buzzy come closer to Goomba

Goomba: Wait, what are you guys doing?

Koopa and Buzzy throw water balloons at Goomba and then it becomes a free-for-all

The end