-One day on the Pop Star-

Kirby:I'm bored.

Chilly:Plus it's hot outside!

-Waddle Doo comes in-

Waddle Doo:Guys I brought PIZZA!

Chilly:COOL! How many?

Waddle Doo:Um, more than one box?

Kirby:It's two, if you're blind, Chilly.

Kirby:Ok what are we waiting for? EAT!

-But Daroach comes in and steals the pizzas!-

Daroach:HA HA! I just stole your pizza! How about that!

-Kirby to Waddle Doo and Chilly-

Kirby:Don't worry, he hates mushrooms.

Daroach:Now I am going to eat this right in your  faces!


Chilly:Ha ha, good one Waddle Doo.

Daroach:Fine then, if we are telling doing jokes I will be reading this book!

-Holds the book "Jokes for you and Me, We are all family!"-

Daroach:And I will watch the Endgame show hosted by Endgame himself!

Kirby:Ha ha, loser.

Chilly:Hey, look! The sun is away! Wee!

Kirby:Ok, we will go outside.

Waddle Doo:Yes! It's been a while that we went outside!

-The team goes outside, but their fun time was cut short when Dark Matter appeared-

Dark Matter:HA HA! I got you right-handed!

Dark Matter:Send in Dark Zero!

What will happen to our friends, will they make it? Is Daroach really watching Endgame's bad talk show? Find out and more in the next chapter!

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