Hello and welcome to the page where you can find all of the rules for the wiki. Any violation of ANY of these rules can get your account blocked by either Chipika123, BlueSeven123, Totallyhypnosquid or Booswithanger.

Here is a list of what you should/should NOT do:

  1. 1 - No minimodding! (You will get three warnings, and if that rule is broken, there will be a penalty of a 1 day ban.)
  1. 2 - You should not put up FALSE information about the characters...or the story. You should first have the information confirmed by the story's author. (Chipika123)
  1. 3 - Absolutely NO TROLLING!! This will result in you getting a week ban. (after your 2 warnings).
  1. 4 - No sockpuppeting. This is a method some people use to "cyber-bully" others most of the time (by using another account) and troll.
  1. 5 - No offensive or inappropriate language on chat (or on any pages/comments). Any person doing so will be blocked immediately.
  1. 6 - No hacking! You will be blocked immediately.

1. 7 - No spamming! (If caught, you will be warned.)

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