Boo: Hey Yoshi.

Yoshi: Yeah?

Boo: I have no idea why Dr. Eggman is called Eggman. What is he? A man made out of eggs? And why is he a doctor anyways? I mean...can he check my heart rate?!

Yoshi: Well, that was nice knowing.

Boo: And you know how you feel? Yoshi: How?

Boo: Bored.

Yoshi: No I don't feel bored. I feel so bored that you are bored, that you are so bored, and so bored, you wanna explode boredom.

-Applejack comes in-

Applejack: Eeyup.

Boo: When will that ugly flying turtle return.

-Ugly Flying Turtle flies up to the two-

Ugly Flying Turtle: Hey guys. How's it going?

Boo: We are......finding.......Applejack.

Ugly Flying Turtle: She's right next to you.

Boo: Oh...yeah!

Yoshi: Did you get it!?

Ugly Flying Turtle: You bet I did!

-Ugly Flying Turtle pulls out the Rainbow Factoy book-

Yoshi: Soooo, we are going to read a horror story?

Ugly Flying Turtle: Oops, wrong thing.

-Ugly Flying Turtle pulls out The Rainbow Wing-

Yoshi and Boolp: WOAH!

Ugly Flying Turtle: Like what you see? I ripped my own wings off and colored them.

Applejack: Well howdy down my underwear. Ho-Oh might think you stole it from him!

-Ho-Oh appears, hey look I put two "-" in the thingy thing-


Yoshi: Oh-oh, heh see what I did there!?

Will the paordy have more chapters, WELL OF COURSE NOT!!! TNBC