Don't read this unless you link the Good Luck Charlie theme song to me It was a normal day in the Ghost House. Hunter and Gengar were watching their daily shows, and laughing their butts off too. "HA HA!! This stuff is gold!!" Haunter remarked. "I know right?" Said his ghostly friend. Suddenly, Gastly came out of the dusk. "Hey guys, what are you watching? And did the food come yet?" Gastly asked. The three called a restaurant for food. "No, it hasn't." Gengar replied. "Oh man! Well I can't wait all day!!" Gastly wined. "Hey, why don't you watch this show with us?" Haunter asked. The commercials suddenly came on. "Oops, nevermind." Haunter said. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

"Oh boy! Our food is here!" Gastly screamed in joy. As soon as Gastly opened the door with his "hands", they saw it wasn't the Food Person. "A wild Zubat appeared!!" Zubat yelled. "Oh great, not you again." Gengar felt dis appointed. Zubat was the annoying guy next door. What they didn't get, is why the heck he was in a Ghost house, if he wasn't a ghost type. "Hey but I'm a poison type! Just like you guys!" He would always say. "I'll get the sugar." Haunter said. "Oh no, I didn't come for sugar!" Zubat replied. "Then what did you come for?" Gengar asked. "I came becasue, I came you guys the new PokeFUSION machine!!" Zubat lied. "No you didn't, now go away, please." Gengar closed the door on him. Outside, Zubat thought of a new plan. Thus, he started making a actual PokeFUSION machine.

"So when is our food coming!!" Gastly wined again. Suddenly, the door got knocked again. "Let me get the rock." Haunter said. But it wasn't Zubat, it was a Chansey, with their food. "Yes!" Gastly screamed. "Here's your sushi!" Chansey kindly said. "Sushi!?! We didn't order sushi!! We ordered Rice balls!!" Gastly raged. Chensey then ran off. "That was a bit rude." Haunter told Gastly. "Hey look, she dropped a egg! Let's cook it!" Gastly said. "Good idea!" Gengar agreed. So the three cooked the egg, their "way". After the were done, the whole place looked like a mess. Gengar found out that that was no normal egg. "Hey guys, I think this is a Lucky Egg!" He told the two. "In that case....LET'S EAT IT!!" Haunter screamed. So, they did, and it was horrible. "Gross! What's this stuff made of?!" Haunter asked. "I don't know, but at least it's better then sushi." Gastly remarked. "Hmm, you got a point there." Haunter then noticed.

Meanwhile at Zubat's cave, he was working on his new machine. "This is coming out great!" He cheered to himself. "Now I will finally be able to take revenge on the three!" He remarked. He was dancing happily in his lair, fixing the PokeFUSION.

To be Continued.

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