Last time on Mirriois's Story, Mirriois, met someone, Someone to help him, Shale, A layed back shy guy.Edit

(listen to this, You know what to do

Shale: Wait, so this bullet bill has what powers?

Mirriois: Not important now, Let's get passed the Buoy Base Galaxy!

  • Stone crashes through*

Shale: Hey you could have crushed me! I feel serious now!

Mirriois: Good thats what you need.


  • Someone comes by*

???: Okay, These are all the flowers Rosalina says she would want here... *Blushes*

  • Transmition*: Ok Wings You can do anything you want, thats all I really need for now.

Wings: Okay! wait, This isn't Polari?

  • transmittion ends*

Wings: Okay.

Mirriois: It's Wings! *Flies over*

Shale: Whose "Things"?

Wings:...My Name is Wings...

Mirriois: So whatcha doin here?

Wings: Oh nothing, really planting flowers for The Rosalina, I'm free now though. Whose your friend?

  • after 20 minutes of explaning*

Wings and Shale: Okay!

Mirriois: Can You stay with us?

Wings: Yeah!

Mirriois: Your an Official member!

Wings and Shale:.... Okay...

Everyone: Lets go up!

???: I can Beat you ALL.

Mirriois: What, You were serious? Shade boo?

Shade Boo: Thats not my name! It's speeder!

Shale: Well THAT makes sense.

Wings: Who is... This guy?

Mirriois: A Guy I beat in a race.

Mirriois: Well, I'm keeping this dude as Shade Boo.

Shade Boo: Fine, but this time, If I win, I get to Take you ALL to The Awesome!

Shale: The Awesome?

Wings: He must be referring to Master Bill

(New song

Shade Boo: GO!

Shale: Hla Hla, Ya Mana Ill Ka zaza No! Kai!

  • Speeds Up Starts running through Multiple thwomps*

Wings: Hmm, Let me run this one.

Mirriois: Haha! I'm in front of you three!

  • Shoots starbits at SHade Boo*

Shade Boo: haha, Won't work

  • gets shot with fire and a magic beam*

Wings and Shale: Haha!

  • SB gets lost behind*

shade boo: I'll get you next time, But in return I'll Give you this grand star, It'll take you to the Galaxy The Awesome is in, I'm neither good or bad, but I did want some money off of you...

Mirriois: Okay then..

Everyone: We Won!

  • transmition*

Rosalina: Hey, It's Rosalina!

Mirriois: Hi!

Rosalina: Why did you leave without me knowing?

  • Five minutes of nagging and explaining later*

Rosalina: Okay then Bye!

  • end of transmittion

Wings: Heh *Blushes*

Shale: Uh...

Mirriois: Let's get going the final battle awaits us.

  • Meanwhile*


Koopas: Your Awesomeness, The team is coming.

Master Bill: What!!?

Koopas: They got a hold of a grand star...

Master Bill: Don't worry, they'll be sorry when they see who they messed with.

Visit next time, For the two episode finale!Edit

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