• Mirriois Wakes up to find a new person*

Mirriois: Who the heck are you?

????: Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, My name is Polari, Rosalina's Luma Advisor.

Mirriois: *Murmurs to self* Why Does it seem I'm meeting someone every single day?

Polari: What was that?

Mirriois: Nothing, Well, if Rosalina Isn't here, then tell her next time she'll hear from me is when Alumas is back.

Polari: You mean that little Luma? Sorry but you should at least have something to keep you safe...

Mirriois: Thats right I DO need something!

Polari: What's that?

Mirriois: A cool adventuring hat!

Polari: Not what I meant.

Mirriois: Then what DID you mean?

Polari: I meant maybe someone to help.

Mirriois: No, I can so do this myself I have a awesome ability.

Polari: To push goombas over with starbits? *Sarcastic Laugh*

Mirriois: Well, I'm off!

Polari: Hmph! *jumps In Mirriois's way*

Mirriois: What?

Polari: You forgot this....

Mirriois: Whats that?

Polari: It's a map, It might come in handy, My treat.

Mirriois: Thanks!

Polari: Here's an apple, It comes from Dinosaur Island in mushroom kingdom.

Mirriois: Thanks, Please, No more, I can't carry more.

Polari: Haha, Okay.

Mirriois: Bye! *Floats off*

Polari: Wow, that Luma can change from obnoxious to many different attitudes.

Rosalina: He will Learn.

Polari: Whoa Rosalina! Hi!

  • Meanwhile*

Mirriois: Whoohooo! I gotta love those mechanical Luma Launchers!

(start listening to this You know what to do Open an extra page)

  • Dashes through twenty Bullet Bills*

Mirriois: Oh Yeah!

  • Passes the nice green galaxy, The Good Egg Galaxy, With a Nice Aroma*

Mirriois: Yes, I am awesome!

???: Hey!

Mirriois: What? Who's there?

???: I'm A Boo, And I like wearing glasses, But I'm going to challenge you to a race, If you win, I won't bother you, If I win, I get to attempt to chase you into a Black Hole.

Mirriois: Your Losing, DEAL!

Boo: Oh No!

  • Dashes through the grey astronomy of Asteroids*

Mirrois: Yes!

Boo: No!

Mirriois: Finish line is that Big dome looking planet!

Boo: Time to Show you how slow you are!

  • Dashes in front of Mirriois*

Mirriois: No!

Boo: Your too Slooooooow!

  • Shoots starbits at the Boo*

Boo: My Shades!

Mirriois: Haha!

  • Reaches Dome shaped galaxy*

Mirriois: I WIN I WIN I WIN!

Boo: Fine I'll leave for now, but I will return, and beat you!

Mirriois: Wow...

(Music Ends now)

  • Sees a Shy Guy Beating down multiple goombas and koopas*
    Mystery shy guy

???:Take This!!

Mirrois: Wha?

Who Is this Shy Guy? Find Out on the Next Mirriois's story!Edit