???: Yay time to play with the starbits!

  • Strange noise*

???: Huh?

Crashes into the Luma*

Unknown Luma: AAAAAAAHH!

End of flashback*

Wakes up*

???: Oh my dear, are you ok?

Unknown Luma: Ugh.....

???: Whats your name?

Unknown Luma: My uh.... Name? It's uh... Uh... I do not think I have one....

???: Oh you poor dear, let me bring you to the Comet Observatory. I'll just pick you up and..


Unknown luma: I can get up my self!....

falls to the ground*

-Later in the day-

???: Are you okay? You fainted back there!

Unknown Luma: I did?

???: The only thing matters is that your okay *gives nice smile*

(start listening to this while reading

???: So what happened back there?

Unknown Luma: I cannot really remember but I crashed into something... while playing with the star bits..

???: Really? Like what?

Unknown Luma: It looked like a Bullet, with arms and eyes...

???: Hmm we'll have to look into that.. for now you just sleep.

Unknown Luma: Ok, Anyways, you never told me your name.

???: Oh how rude of me! Sorry, My name is Rosalina.

Unknown Luma: Wow, I like your name!

Rosalina: Oh Right! I have to give you a name, no poor luma can go without a name! Lets see, a unique name... for a kind Luma like you.. You like playing with starbits.... How about Starmo?

Unknown Luma: Uh can we try something else?

Rosalina: *Laughs* Okay... how about.. Um.... Mirriois?

Unknown Luma: I Like that one!

Rosalina: Ok your name shall be Mirriois! Now go to sleep My little luma.

Mirriois: Okay *Smiles* * Falls asleep*

Rosalina: Bullets? with... Arms??

End of chapter*

Will Rosalina find this Bullet with arms? Find out on the next Mirriois's story!Edit