Watch the goddamn pilot, please.


(In a fighting video game, two characters battle each other as soon as the announcer shouts "Prepare for this last round! Fight!" with the screen saying "Final Round! FIGHT!")

Kirby: God fucking dammit! I lost again! (throws his controller in rage) Bwah!

Popo: I told ya, man: skill conquers all.

Kirby: (mocks Popo) "I told ya, man: skill conquers all." Look, man, I wouldn't mind shit if you just quit making yourself be a mentally challenged douche.

Popo: How the hell am I retarded?

Kirby: (sarcastically) Oh, I don't know. (normally) Maybe it's because those so-called "victories" of yours were obviously just pure luck.

Popo: How can that be luck? I practice, while you just, well, don't, resulting in you sucking and generally being bad at the game. I'm pretty sure I've been telling you that for the past gajillion times.

Kirby: That's not even a number.

Popo: Well, it should be.

Kirby: Why?

Popo: Because that's how many times I've beaten you at "Killer Kombat V: Ultimate Fate".

Kirby: (kicks Popo in his shin)

(Suddenly, JJ arrives in the living room)

Jigglypuff: (while drinking a smoothie) Guys! Could you please just calm down and not fight?

Kirby: Try telling that to this prick.

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