Kamek or "Old Man Kamek"

Kamek or "Old Man Kamek" as Paratroopa calls him, is one of the primary antagonists of The Adventures of Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa.

Throughout The StoryEdit

Prior to the beginning of the story, Paratroopa steals his magical wand because Yoshi asked for something 'entertaining'. Kamek finds out that Paratroopa stole the wand and chases them. He finally gets the wand out of Paratroopa's bag and casts a spell on them, which makes the trio fall on the 'Island' in Chapter 2. In Chapter 9, after the trio fails to defeat Bouldergeist, he reveals that he was the announcer all along and shoots them to Castle Bleck with the Banana Cannon. During Chapter 13, he registers the trio for the singing competition.

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