Fangs is a Dull-colored Jester. As his names implies, he has fangs. He's Marx's species. He's 13-15 years old.
Fangs by booswithanger-d5glsvv


Fangs is mostly secretive, he also has a Dark personality. He doesn't consider himself evil, though he does bad things. He mostly keeps his emotions to himself.


Fangs has a strong bite, due to his sharp fangs. He often carries bombs with him. He also has Mirrors under his "wings", which can repel attacks.

History Edit

Fangs was abandoned by his parents. He hung out with bats and learned things from them.

Fun FactsEdit

- He often changes his hat from four pointer, to three pointer, and so on.

- Fangs has a crush on Grill.


It's Teh Fangs!


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